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How to submit Yoast Sitemap to Google via Search Console (1min. read)


Last updated on July 17, 2020

After setting up Search Console, Google needs to see your whole website url structure. You need to submit Yoast sitemap to Google via Search Console, and it can be done in just another minute!

Thankfully, Yoast SEO plugin makes it simple. Just download it in your WordPress dashboard and activate it. This sitemap is then auto-generated by the plugin.

Locate your sitemap url herein.

Where to get my sitemap url from Yoast SEO

Click on the “See the XML sitemap” and copy the url when the page appears.
That will be your sitemap url.

Note: If this is not your first time doing so, and you have just changed your preferred/main domain protocol (example: from http to https), the Yoast sitemap url might not be generated or displayed properly. You kinda need to regenerate it, by deactivating and reactivating the plugin, and then it should work!

Next, go to your Search Console, and submit it.

submit Yoast sitemap to Google via Search Console

You will know if the sitemap is submitted successfully with the Status. If there are errors, try to resolve them.


That’s it. You are one big step ahead again! :-)

If you are not familiar with the above Yoast SEO plugin, you would probably want to install all these plugins to your WordPress websites next. These are all free and very often used by WordPress web owners. Helps alot!

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