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BT MIG is born to empower entrepreneurs to build online income and upskilling existing workforce with basic kickstarter digital marketing contents.

The Story

Since Covid-19 pandemic in first quarter of 2020, the world witnesses a global paradigm shift, and a new normal has taken place. Many industries have suffered especially for those where digitalization did not happen quick enough. More than ever businesses are hiring Digital Marketing positions today.

Digital Marketing was a new trend just a few years back, but today it has become a new normal for marketing in any business. The author believes that training courses and expensive degrees are not the most effective methodology to upskill oneself with Digital Marketing.

Entrepreneurs and workforce can learn better and faster by doing. Learn as you apply publically available knowledge, and then serve the society.

Quoting author’s own word.

Baby boomers had little guide nor education, let alone the “what if” self-doubts. But they progressed… Millenials and Gen-Z today have Google and teachers/gurus/coach on their finger tip. What’s lacking, is action.

For those of you who are thinking of starting something on the side, the only way to know the outcome is by doing it.

The only way to improve is by taking the first step.

The Author


Bart is a self-made Digital Marketer in 2012 and has since helped several SMEs in Malaysia to boost online growth.

Prior to BT MIG, he spearheaded digital marketing teams for local startups, including a leading fintech in SEA where it doubled its origination for micro-financing in 2019.

The Content

Every single post on this site is crafted in a way it can be read in as short as 1 minute and actionable within hours.

The idea is to keep the content simple and not to overload you as a reader, but making it actionable enough to produce small progress for individuals who are looking to “improve 1% a day”.

The duration of reading presented on post titles are only estimates by Read-O-Meter and it varies between readers.