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Article Writing Service

SEO Article writing service

As low as $0.02 per word

Quality Assured


Grow Search traffic and Readership for your web with regular articles or blogposts. 

Outsource experienced SEO content writers. Zero overhead cost. 

Our writers research for any industries and only take limited orders a month.





Our Unique value

BT MIG ensures SEO needs are taken into account in the production of the copies by our writers.

Local context

Relevance is key in SEO. Most writers are experts in writing, but it requires dedication in local research for quality SEO article.

Title suggestion

You give us a topic under Topical order, we research and advise you more related titles that has potential for SEO

Internal linking

A balance of internal and external links is healthy for SEO. We offer this SEO service for free under Topical order.

Long-tailed keyword

Search traffic is competitive. We research and suggest potential keywords for your Topical orders.

Frequently asked questions

Our Tier 1 writers whom have written over thousand of articles with over 50 satisfied clients including large brands and tech startups. 

All copies are original and written by human writers. You keep the rights to the copies. 

Our author and founder has combined 8 years of experience in SEO and Digital Marketing. 

We know exactly what is needed in your copies to get both the SEO and Content aspect covered, at only a fraction of the cost many SEO agencies would charge for comprehensive projects. 

Because we limit only 5 copies per writer per week, we take a more human approach to understand your needs over email rather than an automated form. After payment is made, kick start the work, communication, and review of the final delivery, by emailing to migmarketingresources@gmail.com:-

  • Titles for the 2 articles
  • Expected delivery deadline
  • References (if any)
  • Any other requirements

If you choose Topical order, just provide the main topic or theme for the 5 articles, and we will provide you with suggestion of titles, header and sub-headers (H1, H2 and H3) before writing. 

You will be emailed a link to the draft copies where you can see all revision history if edits are required. Satisfaction will be guaranteed. 

Feel free to email migmarketingresources@gmail.com if you have any questions prior to ordering. 

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Simply download or screenshot the QR code above into your phone. 

Then Scan from Gallery using your Touch ‘n Go eWallet app and select the QR code that you have screenshot or downloaded, to make the payment based on the price in MYR.

Don’t forget to email migmarketingresources@gmail.com to start discussing on your orders!

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