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Google Analytics Setup 101 (1min. read)


Last updated on July 17, 2020

Setup your Google Analytics in just less than 5 minutes.

First, go to Google Analytics, and login with the email account that you wish to use to administrate the Google Analytics properties. You can assign additional administrators later.

Secondly, you create Account. Usually Account is named with your company or brand name.

Thirdly, you create Property. You can start with 2 types of properties i.e. your Website, and your Mobile App (if any). If you have more than 1 website that is owned and to be administered under the same account, you can add an additional Property and name them according to your website url.

You do not want to be creating a Web Property under this account, if you intend to sell this website along with its Google Analytics property in future. Might be best to create it under a seperate Google Account.

Last but probably the most fundamental thing often overlooked by marketers, is the View Data. Create 3 seperate views and named them as follow:-

  • 1 Master View – the analytics view that you and team will use mostly
  • 2 Test View – you future team can use this to test configurations before deploying on Master View
  • 3 Raw Data View – this will have all original data and formats from day 1, unfiltered nor changed. It will help in comparison in future.
google analytics setup

Remember to change the preferred reporting currency to your local currency for all Views.

Note: Setting up the above doesn’t complete the task. You will still need to connect these Google Analytics Properties to your website. There are few ways but mainly

  1. Using Site Kit by Google plugin for WordPress website (5 minutes)
  2. Manually insert the tracking code to your non-Wordpress website.
    a) Via Google Tag Manager
    b) Manually by your Tech programmer

That’s about it for your Google Analytics setup!

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